Sunday, 16 December 2018

5 Reasons You Should Spend Your First Corpus Christi Nightlife at Flanagan’s Downtown

Visiting and experiencing nightlife in downtown Corpus Christi for the first time can be a daunting task. If you know nothing of the best places to spend the whole evening, you’ll certainly end up sulking in shitty bars with awful foods, dreadful drinks, and discomforting people, or worse, curse the idea of going to Corpus Christi in the first place.

To avoid these problems, it is best to seek a pub where only good things are served. In the hidden part of Starr st, lies Flanagan’s Downtown, the heart of Corpus Christi nightlife. Flanagan’s Corpus Christi for many years has been the destination of many night outs and party events. The Flanagan’s pub —many say comparable to an authentic Irish pub— has proven to cover all excellent services than any pubs in the downtown combined. Here’s why.

1. People from all walks of life are welcome

If you’re 21 and above and you just want to spend some good time with friends, this place can be the right venue for you. Flanagan’s Corpus Christi has no record discriminating customer by their appearance, gender or nationality. Essentially, you need not worry if you have an eye-catching tattoo that covers half of your body. In contrary, if you’re a person who loves kicking somebody’s ass or provoking others to a brawl, then you’d have the trouble of being dragged outside by friendly bouncers. This reputation makes Flanagan’s pub the safest place for a fun-filled night out and what draws customer, new or regular, to come back.

One more thing, Flanagan’s Downtown is one of the few pubs that offers no cover charge policy. If you find Flanagan’s Downtown appalling, you can have your way through the exit right away. No regret. No money loss. Though that seems rarely happen.

2. Overflowing Foods and Drinks

No cover charge policy might sound a form of bait to shocking deals. Yes, it is. Lucky you if you fall for this trap of shockingly affordable drinks and foods. The Flanagan’s restaurant has the wide selection of beverages, from cheap draft beer to top-shelf liquor Vodka. But you will never go wrong if your budget for the night’s tight, the goodness of the drinks varies a little with prices. Flanagan’s Downtown is really known for its pickle shots and starburst and Johnnys Jerky, that amazingly complement beers. They also serve kickass special shots you can only find here. Once tasted, you would have your fill for the night. 

The tastes of foods are reasonable too for the prices. Every Friday and Saturday, free foods are ready to satisfy every mouth. Better check Flanagan’s Downtown in these days if you’re too skeptical of this insanely good promos.

3. Vibrant and Thumping Music

Nightlife in Corpus Christi can become a worst experience if you’ve come to a place that plays music that just as lame as any morning workout playlists. What Flanagan’s club sets apart from other clubs is its two rooms with genius DJs each. If you’re an old-school, you can relive timeless hits from the 90s and 2000s and be simply nostalgic. Current music is also playing for the younger generation and those young-at-heart. Moreover, the right bass surrounding the area plus the strobing lights are an encouraging combination to dance your heart out all night.

4. Just a Nice Hangout Choice

If your desire is not to get drown in drinks but have someone to discuss your favorite game with, then Flanagan’s Downtown is the answer. Inside Flanagan’s pub are big tv screens which have continuous live sports and interesting shows. And if you want some mesmerizing sight to feed your mind, try going at the back area where the pole dancers will surely delight you.

5. Perfect Atmosphere for Nightlife

Even though Flanagan’s club might seem small to hold a big crowd, many find it a very conducive setting for any social interactions and for making new acquaintances. By weekends, expect a shoulder to shoulder scenario. But that doesn’t mean you get undeserving services. The excellent staff makes sure everyone gets what they want. Also, the bartenders are very hospitable and easy to get along with. Rarely you find girls skilled in mixing drinks and at the same time entertaining to watch.

To test out every bar in downtown Corpus Christi to find the best that suits your taste is not a bad idea at all. But money and time-wise, it will be better to go to a pub that is the word of mouth of every nightlife people, and most importantly, has an excellent reputation along the town. If you ever wander at the front of Flanagan's Corpus Christi, never have second thoughts to step in as there are just even more surprises and services to experience firsthand.

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