Thursday, 10 January 2019

Dewey's Beer Garden: A Whole Week of SHOTisfying Happy Hour

What makes Dewey’s Beer Garden the best and the ideal sports bar in Corpus Christi is not its savory BBQ house, cold beer servings, live music acts, no cover charge policy nor lots of TVs with sports continually on. No, with these characteristics, then every bar and club could claim this title easily.  The cheap prices are out of the question the reason as well; as the number of bar and nightclub business increases, every establishment knows that lowering the prices of foods and drinks is the only way to get in par with other competitions. Moreover, giving only the same excellent deals and entertainment over and over is going to be a wearisome strategy in the long run and not viable to attract more customers.

So, how does Dewey’s Beer Garden Corpus Christi TX stand out? The trick is simply to give each day a different experience for the customers, fill it with activities they will enjoy doing. Most importantly, offering at least three tasteful out-of-the-box special shots to choose from and a generous duration of the happy hour will surely make them stay and the day unforgettable. Quite simple yet this makes Dewey’s Beer Garden Corpus Christi, for more than 10 years, never went out of business. Here’s one of their not so typical week-long events and deals.

Manic Monday

If you’ve missed the opportunity to go out the weekend because of some life-draining tedium of errands, Dewey’s Beer Garden can help you take back that lost time. With their full bar selection, you can just sit around the pool area and enjoy a little booze. Everyone knows that Monday is not recommended to go all out on alcohol and, as a famous laid back place, you can get buzzed while playing some games of the house. A group of four-person would enjoy the life-sized Jenga or have your throwing ability tested in cornhole game. Who says you can’t have fun on Monday? Not here in Dewey’s Beer Garden Corpus Christi TX.
Special shots: domestic drafts, domestic tall boys, espolon

Twisted Tuesday

Are you wary about being loud while rooting for your favorite team? Then come to Dewey’s Beer Garden, where you can find deafening cheers from other sport-minded people. The TVs are more than plenty to cover all angles in the bar, no need to turn around tables. Even though this is a Cleveland Browns bar and Houston Astros fans flock here, they can still show your other preferred team. The place has all the satellite goodies to get games not available on DirecTv or the Dish Network. When there’s a big game, Dewey’s Beer Garden Corpus Christi opens early. That being said, better save seats early before the place becomes jam-packed.
Special shots: domestic bottles, captain/Malibu drinks, fireball

Wasted Wednesday

Every Wednesday, you would hear the crowd gathers at the outdoor field cheering on the dodgeball tournament. Dewey’s Beer Garden is known for taking charity causes like the “Bras for Babes”, a benefit game for the woman shelter of South Texas, by doing sports contest where anyone interested can join. Excellent prizes are also given to lucky winners.

This day is also “karaoke night” day. Dewey’s Beer Garden Corpus Christi TX is installed with the best sounding smartphone-controlled jukebox with the largest collection of songs to choose from. And to better call it a night, singing at the top of your lungs is sure a badass way to do it.
Special shots: flavored vodka drinks, pints, jolly rancher

Thirsty Thursday

You can consider Dewey’s Beer Garden a gastropub as well. There’s no other place around Corpus Christi where you can grab good nachos, pizza, and burgers paired with a crown apple press or a grapefruit Shandy. And to add some actions, playing horseshoes or disc golf in their spacious patio will surely bring out the competitive side out of you.
Special shots: jack, crown,  seasonal beers

Faded Friday

There’s nothing to be said about Friday, aside from the start of a long weekend good times. All you need is a beer served by hot maids with a sexy flat stomach. Occasionally, Dewey’s Beer Garden Corpus Christi holds kickball tournament where the proceeds go to the Homicide Survivors Group that helps bring gifts to children whose parents have lost to homicide. That being said, Dewey’s hours is not merely about all happy hour but also helping the community while you having fun.
Special shots: shiner beers, forty creek, Vegas bombs

Sloppy Saturday

The most exciting day when Dewey’s Beer Garden turns into a Bar Olympics venue. You can witness a college football or a lacrosse team play across the outdoor field while watching over the huge deck with a jager plus orange juice with garnish orange peel in hand. Or participate in every friendly indoor game like beer pong, flip cup, poker, axe throwing, darts and a lot more.
Special shots: Mexican beers, Ciroc drinks, jager

All-day Happy Hour Sunday

The extension of yesterday’s happy hour. Always look forward to a volleyball match happening on the sand court. If you’re following Dewey’s Beer Garden Corpus Christi TX social media, you can relish every game in their Facebook live streaming. And as the culminating day of the entire week, the best live music performance and DJs are expected to stage spectacular entertainment and dance parties. Prices of drinks are cheapest too, while the happy hour last whole day. With this usual three to five hours of happy hours, there’s no way to miss any great drinks, parties, and games from Dewey’s Beer Garden Corpus Christi.
Special shots: Dewey's  star f@#*er, cinnamon toast crunch, sonic cherry limeade

People who love going out always look for a new interesting place to relieve them of their stress, yet finding a befitting one every now and then seems an irksome ordeal. With that, every bar business should innovate their services to keep up with this demand. Like every time customers visit there, they must feel they’re in a completely different bar. And for these very reasons, Dewey’s Beer Garden keeps on being in the forefront of reinventing nightlife to cater new and authentic experience.

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